​Librarians have several objectives that they are using social media to help them achieve, which can be summarized as follows:

1.To seek opinion on the library and its services for  self-evaluation purposes, to encourage debate and  to instigate an opportunity to respond to library  user feedback.

2.To reach library users in their homes or ‘virtual spaces’ as today’s modern online library is no longer solely relying on its physical space as an access point.

3. To publicize events, services, news and presence.

4.To encourage collaboration, for example through collection development and building repositories of collaborative content specific to certain user groups.

5. To increase usage of library collections by promoting new and existing content.

6. To connect with other librarians and keep abreast of industry news.

7. To build a sense of community with both users and also with other institutions and industry contacts.

These are the some of the reasons why we make house of social media in the library. 

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Source: Taylor & Francis white paper on social media use in libraries